Ordering Information

Back-Orders and Out of Stock Items

Even with our vast inventory, we occasionally run out of some parts. In some cases, parts are only made in production run lots when demand warrants. We will back-order more expensive parts that are special order items – with a deposit only. No other items will be back-ordered. We will notify you to re-order smaller parts in a certain time period so that you can add them to a future order, thus reducing shipping costs. Please note that these time predictions are just that, they are based on past experiences with various manufacturers and suppliers.


There is a restocking fee for items ordered and shipped that were not our error. Items must be returned in its original packaging and never been installed. Returns after 30 days will not be accepted. We would appreciate a letter of explanation accompanying any returns and preferably with a copy of the invoice shipped with your items (invoice number is acceptable). Please insure returns or sample part shipments, as we cannot give credit for what we do not receive.

Minimum Orders

Due to an increase of one part orders during our busy season we have a minimum charge for all parts ordered (plus taxes and shipping & handling). All orders are time consuming and labour intensive to fill, package, and ship. We suggest refraining from ordering one screw or spring until you require more parts as this will help orders to be sent out faster and more cost effective.

Used Parts

We carry many used parts for current, older, and obsolete firearms. If the cost of the repair is a concern, please specify and we can often supply less expensive used parts. In some cases, the only way we get parts for some models is to buy parts guns. We have over 300 in stock and are always adding to our stock.

Part Numbers

In order to qualify for dealer discounts on parts, part numbers must be given. Filling orders without part numbers can be very time consuming and subject to errors. View, key, item or drawing numbers must be accompanied by the corresponding manufacturer’s part number due to prevalence of different schematics used in different manuals. We will be happy to assist or help you provide or locate part numbers, when time is available.

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