93 Match Target Front Sight with Inserts


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The 93 Match Globe Front Sight has been designed to fit any rifle by simply mounting on a standard dovetail base. Seven Anschutz compatible inserts are included with the No. 93 match. These include five disc types with the following aperture diameters: .126 (3.2mm), .133 (3.4mm), .154 (3.9mm), .161 (4.1mm), and .169 (4.3mm) and two post types .67 (1.7mm) and .102 (2.6mm) wide. Sight height is .550 from the tope of the dovetail to the center of the aperture. Hooked locking bolt and nut provide a positive installation while allowing quick removal.

Bases are sold separately. Bases to look for are Anschutz target style dovetail or screw on bases. Check Williams Gun Sights for base options. 

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