D752B Decelerator Old English


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All Pachmayr pads will need some fitting to your firearm. In most cases the existing screw holes will need to be filled with dowels and re-drilled. For Grinding Template please visit: Pachmayr Recoil Pad Grinding Templates (lymanproducts.com)

The D752B Decelerator Old English pad delivers dramatic recoil reduction of the Decelerator material with the popular Old English classic shape. The Old English line remains immensely popular among Shotgunners due to its classic appearance and excellent recoil absorbing qualities. Rounded edges and Skeet style face provide quick, snag free mounting. The 752B Old English is a classic shotgun field pad that provides comfort for skeet, sporting clays, rifle or upland shooting.

752B Pad Specifications:

  • Colors: Black and Brown
  • Black base only
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large (See Options for Specifics)
  • Fast mount, Classic design
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