Warne Ruger No. 1 and Mini 14 Rings


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“Packaged in pairs, Maxima Ruger rings are crafted to align with the Ruger’s specific design, including its tolerances, function and fit. Rings attach directly into the dovetail on the receiver with four T-15 Torx-style socket cap screws to provide a permanent scope mounting solution.

Options include:

  • Ruger Quick Detach: Warne Scope Mount has developed two types of Ruger Quick Detach scope rings. One design complements the Ruger No. 1, Blackhawk and Mini-14 receivers. Another with rings in two different heights matches the tapered receiver found on the M77, Hawkeye and Super Redhawk. Both can be quickly detached and reattached with no loss of zero and include a scalloped recoil control key.
  • Ruger Fixed Rings: Warne Scope Mounts also designs our Ruger Fixed Rings for the No. 1-style receiver or the tapered shape found on the M77, Hawkeye and Super Redhawk. All options permanently attach to the firearm’s dovetail and are equipped with a scalloped recoil control key.

Warne Scope Mounts manufactures all Ruger scope rings in the United States and, attesting to our craftsmanship, offers a lifetime warranty on all models.” – Warne Scope Mounts

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