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All Pachmayr pads will need some fitting to your firearm. In most cases the existing screw holes will need to be filled with dowels and re-drilled. For Grinding Template please visit: Pachmayr Recoil Pad Grinding Templates (

Our proven, patented “Speed Mount Heel” makes this the fastest mounting pad available. Made with a unique hard rubber heel and our famous Decelerator® Rubber, the Patented SC100 is the ideal choice for sporting clay shooting. The SC100 is also a superior pad for upland game or target shooting. Order the SC100 Decelerator Sporting Clay to improve the performance of your skeet shooting on the range.

SC100 Pad Specifications*

  • Color: Red, Black or Brown
  • Black Base Only
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Patented design allows fastest mounting
  • Classic good looks
  • Decelerator material for optimum recoil absorption
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